Using Windows PowerShell Web access for VMM2012 Administration

Today i had the pleasure to install and configure the Windows PowerShell Web Access in Windows 8. This gives you an opportunity to administer your internal servers with a Web Powershell Console. The really nice part here is that when I have enabled this I can connect to an Windows Server 2008 R2 with Powershell v2.

I have configured it with Authorization to everything, now this is a test environment but in your maybe you should be more restrictive,

Get-WindowsFeature WindowsPowerShellWebAccess | Add-WindowsFeature
Install-PswaWebApplication -UseTestCertificate
Add-PswaAuthorizationRule * * *

So I can connect with for example a Ipad and administer my Hyper-V Cluster in SCVMM2012 😛

In this link you can see how to configure this on your Windows 8 Server Beta.

Here is the login prompt…

And here you can see how i run commands in the console, As you can see I must use Import-Module to import the VMM 2012 cmdlets before I can use them. This is a flash embedded video from youtube (where i uploaded it to) If you do not see it you can go to this link

I still have to find out why I cannot use the PowerCLI PSSnapin, I get an OutOfMemory exception when trying to connect-viserver 🙁 will have to dig a bit deeper to check that one out. Maybe there is a bug in the PSSnapin, an excellent time for VMware to make a Module instead!


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