Installing vSphere vCenter 5.1 on Windows 2012

I have tested to install the new VMware ESXi 5.1 in a VM on my Macbook pro, next step was to get the vCenter 5.1 working on Windows 2012.

I downloaded the evaluation ISO from technet and when using the Easy Install I got an error trying to install the OS on the VM, as you can see on the screendump I get a licensing error, my first thought was that it was an error with my iso download and I then downloaded it again but the error persisted.

When I try to set up a new VM without the Easy Install I get the license agreement without error and could deploy the VM without any errors. Did I say that I am using the latest fusion 5.0.1

So to continue with the install, when the OS is upp and running I also need to download/install .net 3.5 (this is not by default available in win 2012 so I need the Media or an Internet connection). This as the .Net 3.5 is a requirement when installing vCenter.

Then I run the simple install from the media that will install the vCenter server, Single sign-on and Inventory service together.

When the installation is finished everything seems to be installed but the vCenter service will not start. It complained about a service that it depended on that was not existing.

I investigated a bit and the Protected Storage Service was deprecated in windows 2008 and only in read-mode and I could not find it for Windows 2012. So I wanted to remove the dependent services.

So how to do this, I type sc config vpxd depend= “” to remove all dependencies and then I typed sc start vpxd and the service took a bit to start but eventually it got to a running state.

Then I installed the vSphere Client and tried to log in and when the client opened I added the vSphere host without any issues.

Now when I got this running I will continue to install PowerCLI 5.1 and test it with PowerShell 3.0





Thanks for the tip! Everything seems to work. Also, the Web Client works now, but I had to manually install it again.
Do you still have found something that not works?


Did the install on Windows 2012 with a local SQL 2012 server. Getting an error in vCenter when viewing the Storage View Reports. Looks like the storage service isn’t installed. Have you come across this and if so, how did you fix it?


Well, I’ve tried your solution… didn’t worked. Back to W2008R2.
But thanks for the hint anyway 🙂


I have not actually tested this more and seeing if all features/functions is working, as far as i know it is an unsuported configuration and I just wanted to see if I could install it.


Thanks ! It’s worked for me. Install ended with error. Apply Tips (with manual service start) then restart install for vCenter Server. Install end correctly.


Hi! I tryed install vCenter 5.1.b on the Windows 2012!
I has some error – Error 29114. Cannot connect to DB
y tryed create DB/users manually – not helped (



I have only used the simple install and the bundled SQL Express and that worked as the blog post describes.

Rasmus Haslund

Thank you for the tip Niklas, will try this in my lab for fun 🙂



Better way to do this is to remove the “ProtectedStorage” as dependcy in the registry, and vcenter wil start fine.

You can find it in :


in DependOnService you can remove the ProtectedStorage

Regards from Serbia.

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