PowerShell 7 GA

The moment for the largest happening since PowerShell v1 has now happened and that is the general availability of PowerShell 7!

Install on a Mac with OS X

So I had PowerShell Core installed on my mac and also the 7 preview but now I wanted to update with the latest version. Running the pwsh on a terminal I got the 6.2.3.

Of course using Brew I easily can update this to version 7

The brew cask package powershell was already installed as version 6 so what I had to do was force a reinstall using brew cask reinstall powershell and thus get the right version. If you did not have it since before you can use brew cask install powershell and if you do not have brew installed you can check here how to get it.

If I want a short cut to the pwsh on my OS X terminal I add a profile with the settings and then get a nice Windowsy-feeling ?

And voila I can easily start a terminal with PowerShell 7

I will do a followup post on the features and new stuff in PS7 later but this gets you started!

Happy PowerShelling!

Azure App Service vnet integration with Express route

Yesterday we had the opportunity to configure a Azure environment with a ER and building this with a hub-spoke where the spoke had a App Service.

I had help from my colleagues to do the ER and Hub. Then I created a vnet for the subscription for the app service.

I created a /28 vnet and subnet as I wanted to keep the amount of IP´s at a fairly limited level and set up the peering and everything looked great. I provisioned a test-VM and tested to reach the onprem resources and that also worked as expected.

The supplier that we worked with complained though that it did not work to integrate this subnet into the App Service as he got an error when trying.

What I learned after looking a bit more carefully was though that the App Service integration required a /27 subnet that was dedicated for the web service. There are some requirements and limits that you can read on the link below:


I had to remove the VM and also the peering as it is not possible to change the vnet properties ,such as address space, otherwise

With no dependencies I could change the address space to a /26. I wanted a dedicated subnet for the App Service and also a subnet for a VM to test some networking. After creating the subnets and recreated the peering everything worked great, including the integration to the App Service, and just as a coincident it was released as GA to do regional vnet integration.

Learning from this is among other things, to read the documentation first and also not accept the networking departments restricted allocation of network ranges because it will probably end in frustration!

Microsoft Ignite on Tour Stockholm May 5-6

It is time again for Microsoft Ignite on tour in Stockholm and this time it is in May and it will be the last one on the On Tour serie 2019-2020. It will be two packed days with awesome content and learnings! I will of course be there and network and watch sessions..

To register, go to the event site and do it right now, as I have been informed already about 2900 have already done it and the seats may run out!

The different learning paths are :
  • Managing Cloud Operations
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Journey to Microsoft Teams
  • Securing your organisation
  • Migrating Server Infrastructure
  • Content collaboration, communication, and engagement in the intelligent workplace Learning Path
  • Deploying, managing, and servicing windows, office and all your devices Learning Path
  • Meeting organizational compliance requirements Learning Path
  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Modernizing web applications and data Learning Path
  • IT administrator’s guide to managing productivity in the cloud Learning Path
  • Improving reliability through modern operations practices Learning Path
  • Developing cloud native applications Learning Path
  • Develop integrations and workflows for your productivity applications Learning Path

See you there!

MVP Azure 2019-2020

I am thrilled to tell you all that I was once again awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 2019-2020.

This time I have moved to the Azure category but still do lot of stuff with the cloud and datacenter management of course, although the main part now is within the Azure/Azure Stack space!

Azure Stack HCI

Today Microsoft announced the Azure Stack HCI and the family of Azure, Azure Stack, Azure Stack HCI is complete to take care of your company all different needs.

So Azure Stack HCI is the new name for the Hyper Converged solution that before was called WSSD and hardware companies certify their solutions to be in the list for Azs HCI.

Azure Stack HCI solutions

There is a hybrid event on the 28th that you can sign up and learn more on that online show.

Or listen on the recording from Jeff and Vijay where they describe more about Azure Stack HCI