System Center Online Seminars: Deep Dive VMM 2012

Today Me self and Joachim Nasslander did our last Live Meeting about the System Center VMM 2012 in swedish for Microsoft. We did not have time to show all our demos so i thought that it would be an idea that i show them here in a blog post. There is no sound on the demo-videos, hopefully the LM that was recorded will show up on the Swedish MS technet soon…

The first thing that i showed was the Bare Metal Deployment of hosts, this is done with the help of a prepared VHD and a WDS (Windows deployment Server) that is registered to the VMM server. I have cut a bit of the waiting when the server was finalizing the configuration.

The next demo was after deployment of the host I used the built in functions in VMM 2012 to add hosts to a cluster

After this I show how to use the integration between the WSUS and the VMM which gives the opportunity to update a cluster and set the cluster nodes into maintenance mode and then update rolling through all hosts and the VM´s live migrating to the hosts.

I also made a demo on how to v2v migrate a VM from vSphere host to a hyper-v host when they are all connected to the same VMM 2012

Lastly I have made a demo on how to use Powershell within the VMM 2012 and how to use it to both do reporting and changing things, I have already made some blog posts about how to use the VMM 2012 powershell cmdlets.



It’s hard to find educated people on this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


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