Raiders of the lost VM´s in Hyper-V 2012 Cluster nodes

Inspired by Indiana Jones, I have made a little Powershell function to search cluster nodes for VM´s that has not been cluster enabled. If you create a VM in the Hyper-V manager or the Hyper-V powershell cmdlets, the VM is not highly available by default, even if you added it to a SMB share.

What do I do then, I only use one parameter and that is the cluster name, from this I get the HA – enabled VM´s and then check them for all VM´s registered on the hosts. After this I do a comparison and get a list of the VM´s objects that are not Cluster enabled, this can be pipelined to Add-VMToCluster cmdlet (an alias for Add-ClusterVirtualMachineRole) and you are home safe :-). Of course there might be situations where you want a VM to reside only on one cluster node and not be highly available, Guest Clustering is one case where this might be a reason to not add them to a cluster. And if the VM has the configuration and storage locally you wont be able to add it to the cluster anyway

I can easily with PowerShell get the VM´s that are already HA enabled, but with this command I do not get the other VM´s on the cluster nodes.

Get-VM -ClusterObject (Get-ClusterResource -Cluster hypcl30 | where ResourceType -eq "Virtual Machine")

So if I want to get only the VM´s not cluster enabled, here is the function

   This function search the hosts for VMs tha are not HA enabled
   This function lets you find what VM´s that is running on your hosts and not activated on the virtual machine role on the cluster
   Get-VMNotInCluster -Cluster HVCL30

    Author: Niklas Akerlund /20121004
function Get-VMNotInCluster
        # Name of the Cluster
        $ClusterNodes = Get-ClusterNode -Cluster $Cluster
        $VMsInCluster = Get-VM -ClusterObject (Get-ClusterResource -Cluster $Cluster | where ResourceType -eq "Virtual Machine")
        $VMsTotal = Get-VM -ComputerName (Get-ClusterNode -Cluster $Cluster).Name
        $VMsNotInCluster =@()
        foreach ($VM in $VMsTotal){
                if($VMsInCluster -notcontains $VM){
                    $VMsNotInCluster += $VM

And here is a screendump of it running


And here is when I enable so that all VM´s are Highly Available

Now I do not have so many VM´s in my test environment but in a production environment maybe you can see the potential of knowing that all VM´s on all Clustered nodes are made HA enabled.



Thanks for this post. It helped so much

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