Live Migrate VM´s in Hyper-V cluster from RC to RTM node

Yesterday I upgraded a Hyper-V node in a cluster from RC to RTM, Now I want to live migrate VM´s from the RC node to the RTM and then upgrade that.

As you can see on this screendump I have one node with build number 8400 (RC) and one with 9200 (RTM)

As you can see on this next image I have two VM´s running on my old node and I want to migrate them. The VM´s reside on a SMB 3.0 share and the cluster have a quorum share

And how do I move the VM´s to the other node, yes with powershell also, what you can see is that the Move-ClusterVirtualMachineRole can take the VMid from the VM objects as pipelined input, and that is really nice.

So now I have live migrated over the VM´s from the old RC to the RTM server and I can continue to upgrade that node.

I get an error if I try to live migrate them back to the old node, the only way I can do that is when the VM´s are powered off.


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