A bug in the vSphere Client?!

During the ICM course that I was co-teaching last week i found a bug (I think) in the vSphere Client.

When I have installed a windows 2003 virtual machine and also deployed the VM tools i can configure the behavior of the power controls when editing the properties.

The interesting part here is that when i open the virtual machine console, although as you can see that i have set it to “Shut Down guest”, when i press that button in the virtual machine console i get a question about if i am sure that i want to turn it off, this as you can see on my next screenshot. And some of you will say, oh your tools are not running, that is why you get this, but…

If i use the power controls in the vSphere Client i get the following confirmation, that is the correct one ( I have not restarted or done anything other than change to the Client instead of the virtual machine console)

The strange thing is that it is not consistent this error and some times in the virtual machine console the stop button works as expected.

Anyone else seen this?

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