SCVMM 2012 powershell function for configure network on hosts

After bare metal deployment of the hosts we need to configure the network on the hosts, this can be done from the SCVMM 2012 powershell console.

I have made a function of the creation of first a virtual switch and also adding the logical networks, if i do not add the networks to the particular host nic where the virtual switch is i cannot deploy virtual machines and get them connected to the network.

You can add the logical networks and their associated vlan/subnet before any host is imported into SCVMM and of course i have created a function for that also, this can take a csv file or just the parameters

Here is a screen dump if i run it without a csv file

and the result is the following

And here is the powershell code for the add logical networks function

function Add-SCLogicalNetworks{
Add logical networks to your SCVMM fabric
With this function you add logical networks
Path to a CSV file with the logical network info 
Author: Niklas Akerlund / RTS
Date: 2012-02-02
param (
    $CSVNetworks = "",
	$VMHostGroup = "All Hosts",
	[string]$Name = "",
	[string]$IPnet = "",
    	[string]$Octet = "24",
	[int]$VLAN = 0
$VMHostGroup = Get-SCVMHostgroup $VMHostGroup

if ($CSVNetworks -ne "") {	
	$VLANs = Import-Csv $CSVNetworks -Delimiter ";"

	foreach ($VLAN in $VLANs){
	    $LogicalNetwork = New-SCLogicalNetwork -Name $VLAN.Name
	    $Network = $VLAN.IPnet + "/" + $VLAN.Octet
	    $SubnetVlan = New-SCSubnetVLan -Subnet $Network -VLanID $VLAN.VLAN
	    New-SCLogicalNetworkDefinition -Name $VLAN.Name -LogicalNetwork $logicalNetwork -VMHostGroup $VMHostGroup -SubnetVLan $SubnetVlan 
	$LogicalNetwork = New-SCLogicalNetwork -Name $Name
	$Network = $IPnet + "/" + $Octet
	$SubnetVlan = New-SCSubnetVLan -Subnet $Network -VLanID $VLAN
	New-SCLogicalNetworkDefinition -Name $Name -LogicalNetwork $logicalNetwork -VMHostGroup $VMHostGroup -SubnetVLan $SubnetVlan 

when i have the logical networks i want to configure the host

And the result is the following

And this is also displayed on the physical nic

and here is the powershell code for configuring the host:

function Configure-SCVMhostNetwork{
Configure the network on the Hyper-V Host
With this function you set virtual switch and configure logical networks
The new host that is going to be configurered 

if there are different hyper-v clusters and logical networks, use a ref host for the configuration to set it up
The nic that is going to be configured with a virtual switch (in this case a NIC team named "VM"
PS C:\> Get-SCVMHost Hyp04 | Configure-SCVMhostNetwork

PS C:\> Configure-SCVMhostNetwork -VMHost Hyp04 -refVMHost Hyp06
Author: Niklas Akerlund / RTS
Date: 2012-02-02
param (
   [Parameter(Position=0,Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="This need to be a Hyper-V Host name or object",
	[string]$refVMHost = "",
	[string]$VirtualNetworkName = "VMs",
    [string]$VMHostnic = "VM"
$VMHost = Get-VMHost $VMHost
if ($VMHost -ne $null) {
	if ($refVMHost -eq ""){
		$LogicalNetworks = Get-SCLogicalNetwork
		$LogicalNetworks = Get-SCLogicalNetwork -VMHost $refVMHost
	$vmHostNetworkAdapter = Get-SCVMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHost $VMHost -Name $VMHostnic
	$virtualNetwork = New-SCVirtualNetwork -VMHost $VMHost -Name $VirtualNetworkName -Description "" -BoundToVMHost $false -VMHostNetworkAdapters $vmHostNetworkAdapter	   
	$vmHostNetworkAdapter = Get-SCVMHostNetworkAdapter -Name $VMHostnic -VMHost $VMHost
	foreach ($LogicalNet in $LogicalNetworks){
		Set-SCVMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHostNetworkAdapter $vmHostNetworkAdapter -AddOrSetLogicalNetwork $logicalNet


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