PowerCLI to the rescue, how to check all VMs for Network card type

I got a question what network card some VMs had in a datacenter, as a best practice you should use VMXNET 3 where it is possible because it gives the best performance.

So i wrote this very simple script in a few lines that do a csv export of all VMs and what kind of NIC they have, of course one could extend it with OS and stuff but that will have to be next time cause my schedule is kind of tight.

When you use the wizard to set up a Windows 2008 R2 the vSphere set an E1000 NIC by default and that is not what we want, so set up a correct template or remove this nic and add a new when installing single machines!

# Get the Virtual Network Adapter
# Niklas Ã…kerlund / RTS
$VMs = Get-VM *
$Data = @()
foreach ($VM in $VMs){
$NICs = $VM.NetworkAdapters
foreach ($NIC in $NICs) {
$into = New-Object PSObject
Add-Member -InputObject $into -MemberType NoteProperty -Name VMname $VM.Name
Add-Member -InputObject $into -MemberType NoteProperty -Name NICtype $NIC.Type
$Data += $into
$Data | Export-Csv -Path e:\temp\admna\NICs.csv -NoTypeInformation