VMware vCenter and VMware vCenter Update Manager 11

After the vacation this summer i have had much to do and not any time for blogging, i will try to behave better and keep you readers updated in my findings..

I just want to clarify for those of you running several vCenter installations for your different virtualization platforms and use vCenter Update manager for updating your hosts.

When you install the vCenter update manager you can only add one vCenter and there is no support for using the same Update manager for several vCenter instances. From a management point of view it would have been a nice feature to be able to use the same vCenter Update Manager for several vCenter instances in a linked mode, as you would only have one to handle.

In the Update Manager documentation it clearly says : “The Update Manager installation requires a connection with a single vCenter Server instance. ”  link to vSphere 5.0 vum installation documentation is here , This is not new for the 5.0 and is also the case for earlier versions of vCenter and VUM

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