Best sessions of Ignite 2016

So last week I was at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta and had a great time with all attendees and speakers and the wonderful staff that guided all of us 23 000+ there!


Of course the Swedish Chef tagged along and was hanging with some cool people! And as you can see in low right corner, my friend Fredrik could not be at Ignite in person but had the brilliant possibility to join with a remote controlled robot that he explored the different areas with…

There was some good stuff presented there also and here is a list of the best sessions and there are probably a hundred more that I have not seen yet so there might be a revised list later 😉 :


If you as I want a big library of ppt´s and videos of this event you can go to your friend PowerShell and download all available presentations with a great script from Mattias and Michel. So start exploring and please add your favorites in the comments below!