New Toy: Surface 2 RT


So I have been a Apple fan for some while now and yesterday I was at a local electronic store and tested the Surface 2. This resulted in me coming home with an RT 😛

I really like the speed and the functionallity of this device.

Maybe I will start looking at the Pro as the RT has some limits but it is fast and I can take care of several of my daily tasks. Had loved if it was possible to run not just PowerShell but also the ISE. Found some suggestions to utilize Azure IaaS with a RDS desktop with the software and tools not available in the RT and maybe that would work 🙂


By the way, this post was also written on the device, will tomorrow change to the type keyboard instead ….



Awarded MVP 2014 for the first time

As everyone else with some ITPro community engagement there is a date of the first day every quarter that makes the heart go a bit faster and the hopes for becoming one of the few privileged that get the Most Valuable Professional Award from Microsoft.

Today I got the award for my contributions in the Virtual Machine community 🙂


I have been during quite some time trying to give the community my sharings in virtualization and automation and helping out so that others can benefit and not having to reinvent the wheel again.

Thank you all that have been following me on this blog, twitter and at other social networks and I hope that you benefit somewhat from my scavenges in the wonderful world of IT!

I am looking forward to this year when I will together with my fellow MVP´s explore and work together to help out in the deployment of Cloud OS.


vExpert 2013


This year I got the vExpert award again, this is the second year I get the title and feel honored to be part of the program 🙂

I have two former colleagues from Sweden and my time at Real Time Services that also got the title this year and they are serious mega-experts 🙂

Thank you John Troyer and all other involved in the vExpert program!

You can find the rest of the 580 vExperts on this link.

Scheduled Defrag in Windows 2008 R2 disabled by default

I was at a customer yesterday and got a tip about the defragmentation in Windows 2008 R2. It came up when we where discussing about the SCOM and an alarm in Operations Manager regarding fragmentation on monitored volumes.

I thought that it was doing things automatically but the scheduled task that is responsible for the defragmentation is disabled by default. Now there is different best practices regarding if you should be defragmenting the volumes if it is virtual machines residing on a SAN. If you have physical servers with local drives I would definitely say that you should be doing defragmentation.

So how do you see if your defragmentation task is enabled or not?

Open the Task Scheduler from Administrative Tools and go to Defrag

Then if you check the properties by changing to triggers on the scheduledDefrag task and look, you will see that it is disabled by default, double click on task and you can edit it.

You can then press the edit button and enable the task

Then your task is enabled and on every wednesday at 01:00 the defrag task will be running. As I wrote above, enabling this in a virtualized environment with 100+ VM´s can impact on your storage system quite seriously if all VM´s start to defrag at the same time. One way to mitigate this is to set the start day and start time different on all machines.

New job: Product Manager Private Cloud @Lumagate

Today I have done my last day at Real Time Services and on monday I will start as a Product Manager Private Cloud at Lumagate.

My focus will be on helping customers adopting and implementing a private cloud. It will be very exiting and hopefully some fun developing projects. I will work with both VMware and Microsoft solutions but with a focus on enabling the System Center Suite and automation.

If you want to contact me, this is my new business card:


Collaboration is everything..

Today i have tried to inform my coworkers that we need to collaborate more!

Collaboration means working jointly for success and not as in some cases, solo..

If we have the tools to work together we as a company also needs to do it more actively. My point here is that in the world we live in today there is a distraction from all media sources which in some cases leads to different implementations and deliveries and to unite the companies employees we maybe need updated tools and processes or start actually use the one we have, so we can deliver better and faster and also in a standardized way no matter whom it is delivering, this would give a single method of delivery and give the company a stronger brand and competitiveness compared to other companies in the same industry segment.

The challenge here would be to get all of the coworkers to accept and do the deliveries in a standardized way and help develop the process delivery when they find things that can be done in a better way. The documentations of this is the Management headache but everyone is involved in the development process!

New blog for virtualization and stuff

Changing my blog from own blog system to this because i think it will be better.. and changing the language for a broader audience, maybe i can get up to two readers instead of one.

The focus for this blog is virtualization and the issues and other best practices that i encounter or read about and want you all out there to get info about.

for those who want to read the old blog the address is