All VM´s reporting: “Unsupported Cluster Configuration” in VMM

Today I was contacted by a customer regarding an issue they had with all their VM´s in their main cluster reporting “Unsupported Cluster Configuration”

The reason was that two of the nodes in their cluster had in VMM 2012 R2 lost their virtual switch and vnics and that resulted in the cluster saying that it did not have a HA-Virtual Switch and thus the VM`s had network connections that was not available on the cluster…

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 14.11.41

Searching a bit and checking the hosts and VM´s outside of VMM there was no issues on them and the logical switch and vnics was still there, the vm´s was able to reach the network so clearly a VMM issue.

I tried to refresh the cluster and nodes and also restart the VMM agent on the hosts but that did not help. Looking at the properties in VMM on a host showed nothing where it should be both the switch and the management vnics:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 20.41.48

Using the failover cluster manager and live-migrating the vm´s and then restart the host did though help,

After reboot I refreshed the cluster and the network appeared again, I have been searching for a reason for the issue but have not found anything yet in the logs on either the VMM server or the hosts..

To refresh the VM´s on the cluster to remove the “Unsupported cluster configuration” after I had got the virtual switch back I used powershell

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 20.21.12

If you have had this issue or similar I would like to know so please comment the post 🙂

I will search some more and see if I can find the reason for this. It should be said that the customer have two 2012 hyper-v clusters and one 2012 R2 cluster and I have not seen this happen on the R2 cluster yet so maybe it is a 2012 issue… And yes we are working eagerly to move the VM´s to the R2 cluster 😛 , the VMM 2012 R2 server is also updated with the latest UR4




Thomas Maurer

Had the same issue on a customer deployment… not sure what the problem was…


I’ve experienced the same on our R2 Cluster. vSwitches were missing and refreshing Hosts/vms fixed the issue..


Had the same issue on a win 2012 cluster last week. Restarting the servers helped.

David C

We’ve experienced the same issue twice on Windows 2012 clusters, rebooting the hosts resolved the issue, but we’d like to find the root cause or permanent fix.

Rickard B

We are experiencing the same problem and the only fix we have come up with is rebooting all hosts in the cluster.


Had the same issue twice in the last month, pretty annoying.


Had the same issue. Ended up being a cluster resource that was not removed correctly. Once I cleaned up the cluster resource (for a deleted VM) the problem went away and VMM was able to refresh all hosts and VM’s.


Me helped the following: delete all in failover Cluster Manager/Cluster Disk storage(s) with errors

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